Advertising Campaign Design

Design and compilation of an advertising campaign

Experts in the design and development of advertising campaigns at Idris Company are well aware of the value and concept of advertising campaigns in various businesses, and know that if smart and targeted advertising campaigns are designed, they can, in the short run, have an extraordinary effect on the brand. Or sell services or products.
Designing and compiling promotional campaigns requires in-depth research and attention to detail and thoughtfulness and creativity, as well as the rapid and innovative implementation of new ideas, can multiply the effect of the promotional campaign.

The Advertising Campaign is a set of targeted and targeted advertising activities that are tailor-made for strategic planning purposes. The advertising campaign in Persian is translated into a comprehensive advertising program.

A promotional campaign is designed to achieve a variety of brand goals that can have an introduction, reminder, sales, or marketing approach, or any other purpose.

The entire campaign is referred to as a series of comprehensive advertising campaigns that set the path to the goals and strategy of the set managers, and tells how and how to introduce brand to its target market.
Therefore, Edris Advertising Company, using its expert and expert forces, has been able to achieve this by relying on its science and expertise, and has strategic plans appropriate to the short-term and long-term goals of the customer, measures and services in accordance with Type the customer's request to them.

Some steps in designing and editing an advertising campaign:
- Define advertising goals
- Define marketing goals
- Budgeting campaign
- Choosing effective communication strategies
- Determine and closely monitor the implementation of promotional campaigns (ideas and scenarios - graphic design, special effects, etc.).
- Media planning

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