Brand Identity

Having brand-specific identity will keep you in the minds and hearts of your customers and constantly improve them, and this is the only way to succeed in the third millennium

Brand Identity

A brand, like a living creature with attributes and attributes that determines the strengths and weaknesses of the brands, which leads to a distinction between brands, ultimately affects the minds and hearts of the audience, and the audience has a different sense of it It has a brand; it also buys many brands and ends with brand loyalty.

Whenever you can say that audiences are loyal to your brand, and under no circumstances, even if your competitor has affordable, decent quality and other distinctive features, you are still the first choice; it will happen when you complete Brand awareness issues and branding, and always strive for a distinctive and distinct service to the audience.

Today, there are many choices for the audience in every industry, but the only thing that puts you at the first option is to go through the brand's branding and brand identification process, which ultimately leads to loyalty of the audience. Loyalty is the highest level of branding, and it's not worthwhile to achieve loyalty, because time, expertise, and energy require it. On the other hand, achieving loyalty, if it were a simple matter, all brands were in the first place of customer selection and their brand value was on a level. So achieving loyalty is a very difficult task, and eventually the honeymoon brings up the loyalty path.

and finally

Branding in 4 words means :

... capturing the mind and heart of the contact ...

Brand identity has 4 stages

1- Brand Strategic Identity

In the strategic identity, brand awareness issues, product baskets, sales strategies, audience types, and many of these are developed by brand and brand strategy and ultimately brand.

2- Conceptual Brand Identity
In the conceptual identity of the yeast and the crust of the brand, issues of organization goals, prospects, sales approaches, target markets, and such issues are developed, which ultimately is a brand.

3. The brand's visual identity
One of the most important and fundamental elements of brand identity is the design and design of brand identity, which ultimately creates and visualises everything that is created in the identity of the strategy and the concept for the brand. In other words, the showcase of a brand is its visual identity, and ultimately your brand identity is visualized and all its visual elements. So the most important part of brand identity is the brand's visual identity.

4- Verbal Identity Brand
In the verbal identity, issues related to the audible and phonetic elements of the brand are created; such as Jingle, motto, tone and style, and ...
Finally, after completing the four sections above, brand identity will be created.

Hence, we guarantee the identity of your brand by mastering the branding process and having a dedicated team

Also, our projects in recent years, customer testimonials and the satisfaction of 92% of our audiences and our employers are proof of our claim