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Brand identity

Brand visual identity (visual organizational identity) is a set of structures that should and should not be visual in nature based on brand identity, which means that when a brand wants to enter the market, if there is a deliberate and clever visual consistency and integrity Not definitely condemned to destruction
Through its expertise in visual field (Brand Identity Identity), and the presence of innovative visual branding personnel as well as its distinctive and distinct style, Idris Co. brings Brand Brand Vision to a highly professional, scientific and professional profile

Idris Corporate Identity Brand Company has designed five identity packages tailored to large, medium and small companies and organizations, and according to the company's approach and strategy, it will fit the package accordingly

This package is a prerequisite and, in general, infrastructure, and is the basis of each brand's visual identity.
Every brand, company or business that wants to start up should have the least visual identity, with the C package being designed as a foundation for all businesses.

This package is suitable for:
Starting businesses and brands that have not yet taken serious and professional action in the design and visual identity sector are considered small organizations and because of their small industry, they do not need much identity items, and Only the infrastructure and their basic identity for having integrated identity is enough for them.
And in a nutshell, all companies, organizations, and brands that are considering organizational integrity need to use this prerequisite package.
-The item in the C package reaches about 35 items.

Because of its complement to the C-pack, O'ediam B has more visual features, and brands that are slightly more in touch with their contacts, as well as packaging and other design issues on their brand-making line, is the right package for them.

This package is suitable for:
Businesses and brands in infancy are still serious action and professionals in design and visual identity have not done, as the medium they are, and because the industry is relatively large, need the items identifying high And the strategic visual set for them is very important and the need for visual integration is their priority.
In short, B2B-based manufacturing companies do not need to advertise in their future business, and merely integrate their brand identity to promote their organization with other competitors, they use this package.
-The item in the B package reaches about 90 items.

The most comprehensive package of visual identity is Package A, with all visual identity items inside it, suitable for brands with a large size of organization and a large number of customers, and in the future will require extensive promotions at different levels of ATL, TTL, and BTL. This package is used.

This package is suitable for:
Businesses and brands that are initially or in the middle; or they have not yet taken serious and professional action in the design and visual identity sector, or they see themselves and their collections that they have to deal with all things with respect to the passage Time-consuming design; they are considered to be big organizations, and because of the great size of their industry and having serious rivals, they need to have a lot of integrated identity and, of course, professional skills; these brands must, of course, have to work professionally and with Paying attention to their serious rivals, to be smart and professional to compete with them. Because of this, the need for a visually integrated identity is one of the most basic requirements.
For example, DC mineral water, which is one of the fast-moving consumer products (FMCGs), requires a very large and large visual identity that covers the full range of identities.
The item inside the A package reaches about 150 items.

This package includes 2 parts:
1 part of Brand Identity
2-Package A Visual Organizational Identity

This package is suitable for:
This package is suitable for businesses and brands that have a more professional approach than the rest of the brand and want all their visual affairs to be based on the principles of brand identity.
If the company wants or needs an employer, Idris will also compile its conceptual identity part, it should use the + A package.
-The item inside the + A package reaches about 200 items.

The brand book (generally consists of four main stages:
1. Strategic Brand Identity
2. Brand Concept Identity
3. Brand visual identity
4. Verbal Identity Brand

This package is suitable for:
The brand is not suitable for any business. Businesses who want to brand Identities from A to Z will use this package. The brand brand is all brand identity items that are written in the form of a specific path.
-The item inside the Brand Book comes to about 250 items.

Part of the brand's visual identity

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