Our Customers

Our customers are our capital.

Our cooperation with our customers has taken place in different areas at different times and conditions, as well as in different sectors. Therefore, the brand name and logo on our customers page does not mean that Idris has provided all their services.

Here are some of our customers who have used well-known international and Iranian brands operating in Iran and are partly (part of the Idriss units) or have comprehensively used the Idriss packages, for the past seven years, have the honor of working with them.

  • Manisa
  • Balastiran
  • First service
  • Cafe Viona
  • Didno Laser Center
  • Iran Insurance
  • Istak
  • National Computer Games Foundation
  • Insurance KarAfarin
  • Versache
  • KIA Motors
  • Saman Bank
  • Royal IranMehr
  • Europen
  • Tamiz
  • Moge
  • Kelk Naghsh Pardaz
  • Arisman Kimia Industry
  • Pedem Parsian Kish
  • Mellat Bank
  • Lawson Wood
  • General Kab Pars
  • Zherf Petroleum Kish
  • Premaura Restaurant
  • Maad Part
  • Kimia adhesive
  • Falcon
  • Duma
  • Mofid Paknam
  • Tash Stone
  • Tasnim Noosh
  • DI DI mineral water
  • Arand Plastic
  • Iranian Chemical and Polymer Engineers Association
  • Alvand Sepahan Company
  • City of carpet
  • EGMA

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