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Logo Design

Designing a Logo in Another Story If you look around the world today, you’ll see more less than textbooks. Efforts are made to use symbols and signs to convey messages in signs, logos or even logos in public places such as airports. You do not need to even rotate your head this far and you’ve probably seen one of these things. Packing boxes are vehicles and many more. Of course, do not think that this is the birth of the 21st century, but it is based on human documentary evidence of the beginning of these symbols. From the time that a man chose a hunt to live through it, which lasted more than forty thousand years, he attempted to send his messages to the future with a petrography of ideas formed on the basis of his desires.

This was a method that still manages to turn on messaging based on sound or hand movements, to take the best advantage of this symbolism. Well, let’s face it, and that’s the form and size of the logo. One can say that the correct use of the logo is the most important part of the design of the office paper suite, which includes a header, a business card and envelope.


Logo Design

Logo appearance

Along with all of these factors, one has to pay attention to other things like color, layout, and gender, which can fit within the designer’s framework and can show what the content of the work is. By applying the color, the cut and the size, a satisfactory result can be obtained, while the extent of its structure and its handling and its size are not so popular and the creation of conditions that can make such a thing less possible Is. An issue that should not be forgotten about sizes is that each has standards that are consistent with the subject. Due to its high circulation, there should be an effort to minimize the amount of paper. The main stages of the administrative paper are cut and cut. At the same time, it must be given the necessary power because it can help make the work more beautiful and, by cultivating it, is the best way to attract the attention of the audience.

Cutting down and cutting down the standards that are there, and the reason is to cut paper off and to optimize the available paper space. Different viewing of business card and invitations due to the diversity of graphics may lead to the fact that there is a fact other than what is either virtual or sensuous, which can also be painted in the creation of Such conditions are mentioned. In general, identity can be searched in a structure and form, both of which are expressed. If you go among people and get acquainted with their verbal style, you can see and use the word logo instead of the sign. If we follow the root of this word, we will arrive in Greece. Since the beginning of the 21st century, a discipline has emerged called semiotics.

A new discipline that did not have the legitimacy of the old disciplines like philosophy. The sign itself is divided into two parts, one is visually and the other is an image. In the visual signs, everything is related to what you have seen with the eye and understood. The visual signs come in the form of a visual and depend on this; if they are embedded in a textual structure, they become visual cues.

Logo Design

Logo design history

Pierce believes that the sign is the same as putting something in the head under the umbrella of several titles. Everything in this world has a background. The symbol also has a history that has been considered as a sign of identity identity in the history of history and is a tool to provide a platform for communication. Everyone thinks that even prehistoric humans have tried to inform or inform others of others by creating and scraping stones on the walls of Altamyra’s caves in Spain and Lasco in France, or even as mediators of messages Reach out to others.

The tools and instruments discovered by archaeologists from ancient Greece have roles and symbols that have incorporated shapes and letters that have the ability to induce sensory responses in humans. Meaning signs. Religious affiliation is a role that is likely to be known by their creator. Even this is clearly seen in the roles of the Egyptian people, which shows the role of the one who created them.

In the middle ages of Europe, there were also merchants and craftsmen who, knowing the status of this theme, had a bearing on their products and goods, aimed at introducing them and distinguishing them from others. Even in the following centuries, as the societies Europe was accompanied by printers who were proud of their skills and professorship, and printed on their prints with a signature or sign. Over time, this came to the United States, and in the twentieth century, American cowboys played a role in helping each other with ownership of their livestock.

The way the image is used and its background dates back to ancient Egyptians. It is a successful sign that will impress you with great momentum and make your eyes look back. It is a good sign that does not engage the mind in vain, without being able to capture itself in the twists and turns of the word, and can be distinguishable in the eye, and its cohesion is such that it can be separated from others. When talking about a good sign, you can not think that it should have this feature that can maintain its credibility in the long run and always be usable.

Simplicity in logo design

You can use many signs to design, but the most important feature of the symbol or sign is its palpable simplicity. There is a well-known and well-known term among designers who are very much used and referred to by the instructors (least of all). This principle applies to the teachings taught at the Bahnhaus School, and when Design should remember it. Afterwards, it should be noted that each logo has many features that should be returned without having to go back to the exact details of all of them within the framework of an image. Perhaps this is why many believe that the topic is one of the most difficult issues in graphic design. Considering the fact that in the last few years it was attempted to use the word sign instead of the alien word, but as it was stated, the term is a much wider term to fit into a graphical discussion.

So if you are looking for the best word in this field, use the same logo. The logo design of the company can be considered one of the branches of graphic design, and it represents the identity that your business or brand is following. There are some business cards that are flagship of their logo and they try to focus on the elements. The right place for the logo is a place that does not interfere with the entire composition of the work, and in the context of the text, it creates an atmosphere that is both eye-catching and well-composed, and the original name that represents the product or subject is closed. .

One of the important things to consider when designing a business card is the issue of choosing the type of letters and how to put them together. In fact, the elements come together to complete the design of a single paper. To define a good person it can be said that, along with balance, in addition to the aesthetic aspects, the concept must be understood and the meaning of the subject, and when it becomes small and affects a business card, its beauty and rationality must be reduced.


Logo Design Sample

logo type

One of Donald Anderson’s greatest actors in the book below is the title elements of the project, the most fundamental factor that can help simplify the details of an intricate design is a technique that seeks to be understood as an artistic logo. Therefore, it should have many capabilities. In fact, it should be said that a logo can be seen in the signature and personal seal of the person or individuals. The next discussion we are dealing with is the theme design of the logo, which can sometimes be considered as the most important tool in identity and shaping it into a general unified form that is most commonly used by designers.

You might ask what the logo is typing. The sign is a special name for a company that uses a product, or sometimes even a post, which may be meaningless, and therefore does not have a great design to sit in. When looking at the bulletin board, the first thing we get to face is the logo, and the name of the company and the person who can be considered the most important message in most cases, with which the bonds have.

The key to designing a logo is that it should be readable and has a lot to do with its own logos. A logo can be efficient to put its impact on it and to be able to gain a permanent place in the mind of the viewer and to make it a memorable promise. Always capital is not material, and intellectual capital is considered to be nothing but values, a typical example of which is the logo. Despite the growth of a company, its logo remains fixed. If we want to design a logo maker or service company, we should know that the work will be slightly different. In most cases, logos whose use is a small institution with a very limited scope of activity is difficult to read and does not have the simplicity that should accompany it.

Logo Design

Principles of Logo Design

When it comes to designing a logo, you should not forget about the simplicity and readability. In a simpler sense, the logo is a tool for translating the concept of what your company has. The logo is the same as the name of the company. Part of the identity of a company is when the logo is placed on the header. The logo is a valuable tool that accelerates the chances of a company.

An ideal logo that can express your message and has the ability to trigger and reveal the audience’s feel to the company. Of course, the logo may not reflect all the activities. It’s all about the right logos that tell first of all what the company owns this symbol belongs to and does not separate itself from being recognized. In the meantime, you should not even have streaks of competitors and logos of the same theme. When the logo of a company is undergoing massive changes, people may believe that company management has changed or the company’s performance has become different. It’s very important that you do not change it if you want to change your logo and try to redefine everything you have before. You can not conceal the key role of the logo in conveying the concept and make it less important.

The next valley we need to enter is that you have to ignore the design and design of the letters because they are the main pillars of the design of the logo. The most important visual elements that appear in the design of papers and, above all, are the main titles and writings. Undoubtedly, they can be guided by our eyes to the topic. Remember to keep the readability of the text in a way that does not create any disturbance to other existing elements.

If you’re designing a letterhead or envelope, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the posts should never interfere with each other. The size of the vCard itself is limited, and this creates a limited space for data transfer. So, there’s no way to get the most out of our writing and be able to convey all of the concept.

Logo design services

You should not be bothered by the problem of writing inappropriate writing, which is sometimes rendered in large volumes, which results in nobody’s tenderness, and the result of which the customer is confused and does not notice the services that the company offers, and thus for the eyes It will be annoying. In total, the failure factors in the set of administrative papers can be described as incoherent and incoherent, as well as the incorrect placement of them together.

In the header there are written elements, including the name of the company and its manager, as well as the postal address of the fax and email, along with the number and date of the attachment. This is a standard if we want to comply with the principles We must be respected. On the envelope, there were also telephone posters and company fax letters and e-mails. It should be said that the factor that attracts the audience’s attention is the same text. As a result, you will have more capital letters. The space between the points, which is a unit size letter, is a point (letter design). In order to have a broader space, you must increase the number of leeds. Leiding is the same space between lines. Written space is occasionally marked with letters of different weights. The thickness or weight of the letters determines the weight. It is essential to remember that shapes and letters always play an essential role in the beauty of work.

Any font and writing is not suitable for any topic and should be familiar with them and which one is in your work. Fortunately, with the advent of technology and computers, there are new possibilities that can be used to open the way to using the shape and type of letters as well as existing fonts. As for the writing environment, there are things that you need to know and apply and, firstly, that the writings and materials that are there must be of a size that is readable.

Writing Tips on Logo Design

Write so that reading the combination of lower and upper case is easier than just reading uppercase letters. Do not prolong the lines because there is no result except fatigue. Do not cross the path, either align the letters either right or left, and never put them in the middle of the chin. Never choose the black background for writing, as it’s not a good option to remember that color entries will not fit in any way. Never type solid or big titles on dark backgrounds, especially if they are color-coded Be Use bold, italic or compressed letters for important titles, because if they’re long, they will only lead to fatigue. Stay tuned to the space of your writing and do not cut it off by being busy with it.

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