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Considering the current market and the approach of modernization and differences, as well as the entry of the Iranian market to the brand, some of the Zayn Industries' attitudes will be different, and if they have a thorough and systematic thinking, they will find that they should use their brand-new branding point. Then begin to market, sell and, at the end, produce. Thinking that was done in the last reverse. A factory was established, labor and equipment were deployed at a great cost, but after all these costs were allocated, it was time for marketing and sales. Today, however, branding should be the priority of a brand's behavior.
The principles of branding mean that we want to penetrate the minds and hearts of the audience and consolidate ourselves in our minds and hearts. Observing a series of scientific and empirical principles, as well as developing the appropriate route to achieve this goal are the main pillars of branding. So, observing these principles will lead us much faster and more logically to our goals of becoming a brand and also more market share.

Edris is for all large and medium sized and small international and Iranian organizations that are thinking of creating, developing or reviving their brand identity.

As an active company in 5 general categories, it offers its services.

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